Used Small Hammer Crusher

Used Small Hammer Crusher

In gypsum processing site, it will need the PE series jaw crusher machine as the primary crushing equipment and hammer crusher used as the secondary crusher machine. It works normally. Latterly, the working site adds the fluorite as the mineralizer. In the production line, the hammer crusher's hammer head, porous barrier and hammer shaft are worn and they need to be changed frequently. Through the analysis, we can find that it is because the high hardness of fluorite. The hammer head has light weight and it does not have enough impact energy. It will cause the large size material blocking the screening plate, which will increase the wear and affect the impact crushing ability.

Improvement Technology of Hammer Crusher Machine

For the hammer head parts: in the presence of its combat ability is poor, it will change the hit part from 22mm to the 40mm. For the porous clapboard: the original design has two ring hammer head shaft holes, at the beginning of installation, it will set 6 hammer on the shaft through the diameter 224mm with 6 holes. Used for a period of time, the hammer head has some wear; the 6 hammer head shaft is installed on the diameter 50mm with 6 holes to prolong the service life of hammer head. According to the situation of crushing fluorite, we believe that the 250mm diameter with 6 holes will affect the service life of the porous clapboard. So it will cancel the 6 holes and change the original 2 pieces of 16mm and 11 pieces of 8 mm into 9 pieces of 14mm thick.

Conclusion Of Used Small Hammer Crusher

After the improvement of hammer crusher, the porous clapboard and hammer quantity are reduced. The hammer crusher has good crushing ability for increasing hammer head impact ability and improving the porous clapboard strength and wear resistance. Before, the rotor will be checked for no more than 1 month. Now, it needs to check and change the rotor part for three months. It not only reduces the loss of spare parts, but also increases the operation rate and reduces the maintenance time. The improvement has achieved remarkable achievement.