Used Mining Equipment In Brazil

Used Mining Equipment In Brazil

According to the production experience and detailed requirements, the jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, ball mill and magnetic separation equipment will be applied in the whole iron mining process.

Iron Ore Milling Equipment In Brazil

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Iron Ore Mining Process

In the open-pit iron ore, the raw material of iron ore will be extracted from the mine. Then through the vibrating feeder, the extracted material is sent to the jaw crusher for the main crushing process. Large pieces of material will be crushed into coarse particles.

The cone crusher or the impact crusher are used for the two crushing process. These machines will crush the coarse material into smaller sizes. But the size still can not meet the production needs. With a ball mill, the material will be grinded into an ideal size.

The next step is the magnetic separation. According to the different properties of the material, the magnetic minerals will be separated from other substances. With the flotation machine, the separation process will react with the required minerals by using chemical reagents.

Iron Ore In Brazil

The Brazil mining industry has a high reputation in the world. Rich mineral resources make Brazil one of the most attractive countries in the development of international mining industry. The mineral industry occupies an important position in the national economy of Brazil. The production of mineral resources in 2005 is 10.9% o of the total output in China.

The iron ore reserve is about 48 billion tons and most of them are concentrated ore. The iron sand contains more than 60% iron. These ores are mostly open-pit site. According to the current production ability, the iron ore can be mined for hundred years. Then we can see that the iron ore mining equipment in Brazil plays in the mining process and economy development.