Dry Mortar Production Line

Dry Mortar Production Line

In general, dry mixed mortar production line or dry mixed mortar production equipment is used to manufacture high-quality dry mixed mortar production line supplier of the factory. A complete set of configuration by the lifting machine, pre mixing silo, silo, mixer, finished products warehouse, packaging machine, dust collector, cabinets and gas balance system.

Introduce of Dry Mortar Production Line

According to the structure and investment of equipment, dry mortar production line can be divided into: automatic dry mixed mortar production line, basic dry powder mortar production line, semi automatic dry powder mortar production line and fully automatic dry powder mortar production line.

Complete configuration of dry mortar production line

Mortar production line with annual production capacity of 20000 tons, the general will use 3-6 raw material tank, of which two large tanks for holding the bulk cement and fly ash, and the rest of the canister for calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate, sand and small material. Bulk cement and fly ash into the tank does not need to upgrade equipment, rely on pump car into the. Bulk fly ash silo is generally a cylinder support structure, the upper part of dust removal equipment, to prevent dust leakage, the lower part of the broken arch device to prevent the powder agglomeration, so that the powder discharge smoothly, and equipped with a material level sensing equipment, can always grasp the use of materials in the warehouse.