Diamond Stone Jaw Crusher

Diamond Stone Jaw Crusher

Through analyzing jaw crusher machine movement, we will combine the material flow; material flow force and single material crushing effect to get the jaw crusher machine plate wear reasons. Here we get the reasons of jaw crusher machine plate wear situations.In movable jaw extrusion working process, it has vertical direction movement. Therefore, it must be relative sliding between materials and the jaw plate.

Material Crushing Analysis:

In the upper part of the crushing cavity, the movable jaw will have more downward stroke. On the bottom, it has long upward crushing stroke, we can think that it will complete the crushing works in the process of movable jaw's downward movement. It can be proved that the medium and bottom part have obvious relative scratches in fixed jaw plate and the movable plate almost cannot see the scratch.

When the movable jaw moves upward, materials and fixed jaw plate will firstly have the relative sliding and the material with movable jaw plate is easy to have slide. With the same method, when the moving jaw moves to the downward, materials will have the relative slide with the moving jaw plate and the material will be easy to have slide with the fixed jaw plate.

Jam Analysis:

In the working process of jaw crusher machine, especially under the large crushing ratio, the materials have been stocked seriously and it will be hard to crush materials. In this situation, under the jaw plate extrusion, the material will add the slide and it will make jaw plate wear seriously. At the same time, due to the wear and tear, it will make further intensify the tooth angle and the congestion is more serious to form a vicious circle.