Cost Of Aggregate Crusher

Cost Of Aggregate Crusher

The extremely rapid development of the infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia necessitated the provision of large quantities of crushed rock and asphalt particularly for the construction of new roads and expressway and in order to secure and adequate supply of these materials for the on going projects.

Aggregate Production in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, aggregates for concrete structures have often been used by the contractors without knowing their properties and requirements. Consequently, damage caused by the use of unsuitable aggregates has been observed on structures to an increased extent. Zenith provides excellent performance crusher plant for high quality aggregate production.

Crushing Plant for Aggregate Production

Aggregates are the main component of Portland cement concrete. The coarse aggregates that are obtained either from natural sources or by crushing large size rocks are bound with cement paste or mortar to form Portland cement concrete. The process of crushing large rocks and producing an artificial stone through the use of Portland cement, as a gluing material, has facilitated the production of structural components of various shapes and sizes.

The raw materials for aggregate production will be delivered to the crusher plant for size reduction, to produce crushed aggregate, or to produce manufactured sands. Crushing generally is carried out in one or two stages, although three stage crushing may also be performed. Jaw crusher, impact crusher, or gyratory crushers are usually used for initial reduction. Cone crushers are commonly used for secondary crushing. Following crushing, the material is returned to the screening operation for sizing.

Manufcturer Of Aggregate Crusher

Zenith is world leading supplier and manufcturer of stone crushing plant. We serve all industries involved in crushing and screening, including aggregates production, quarrying, mining, minerals processing, construction, civil engineering and recycling.

Zenith experienced specialists have developed complete range of aggregate crushers for sale Saudi Arabia, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, VSI crusher, gyratory crusher and cone crushers to suit your application. All these aggregate crushers are specialized designed according to the conditions in Saudi Arabia. In addition, we offer parts and long life after service for all the crusher plant. Please chat online with us for more information.