Copper Ore Leaching Processing

Copper Ore Leaching Processing

A copper ore deposit is often a localized zone within the earth's crust that includes copper-bearing minerals in unusually huge quantities.On typical,the continental crust includes about 0.0058 percent copper, or 58 components per million. A deposit of copper-bearing minerals is classed as an ore reserve if you can find sufficient quantities and concentrations of minerals to be extracted at a profit.

copper ore benefication process

Typical equipment for crushing to about 20 cm are gyratory and cone crushers. Then wet grinding in semi-autogenous rod or autogenous ball mills takes place. Size classification takes is performed in cyclones. Inside the next step of beneficiation, valuable minerals and gangue are separated by froth flotation with the ore pulp, which exploits the distinct surface properties on the sulfidic copper ore and the gangue. The hydrophobic sulfide particles become attached to the air bubbles, which are stirred into the pulp, rise with them to the surface in the pulp, and are skimmed off as a froth of fine concentrate.The hydrophilic gangue minerals remain within the pulp. Organic reagents with sulfurcontaining groups at their polar end, such as xanthates, are used as collectors in the flotation process. Additionally, modifiers like hydroxyl ions are used to select differentsulfide minerals, for example, chalcopyrite and pyrite. Alcohols are used to stabilize the froth.

copper ore processing technologies

  1. for beneficiation of copper ore, zenith mining &minerals liaises with suppliers and evaluates equipment to make unbiased selections with the best equipment for the job.
  2. for stockpiling, materials handling, environmental protection and waste disposal, zenith mining & minerals draws upon its comprehensive in-house and licensed range of engineered technologies or selects the most appropriate equipment from other suppliers.