Application Of Jaw Crusher

Application Of Jaw Crusher

Zenith jaw crushers are built in a revolutionary modular, non-welded frame structure. The unique construction provides the maximum fatigue strength, long service life, superb reliability and diverse mounting alternatives. Along with high-quality cast steel components and top quality round roller bearings, it ensures extremely various crushing application, cost-efficient crushing and low cost per ton.

Stone Jaw Crusher Production Capacity

The stone jaw crusher is available with different specification for meeting various crushing requirements. The production capacities are vary according to the feeding method and material properties such as gradation, bulk density, moisture, clay content and crushability.

It is important for quarry, mining and construction contractor to choose right crushing equipment, in order to optimize profits. Zenith is a global stone jaw crusher supplier; we also provide professional consulting service about design, engineering, installation, operation and maintenance.

Jaw Crusher Performance

The following factors will enhance crusher capacity and performance:

  • 1. Proper selection of the jaws.
  • 2. Proper feed gradation.
  • 3. Controlled feed rate.
  • 4. Sufficient feeder capacity and width.
  • 5. Adequate crusher discharge area.
  • 6. Discharge conveyor sized to convey maximum crusher capacity