Used Glass Crushing Machine

Used Glass Crushing Machine

There are also used glass crushing machine for sale for small scale glass recycling operation. It is with low price and excellent performance. Wear-resistant parts and heavy-gauge steel construction in heavy contact areas ensure that the glass crushers will perform in even the most rigorous environments. Our glass crushers are customizable to meet the specific needs of any client, whether a community recycling program or an independent operator. Please chat online with us for more information.

Glass Recycling Crusher

Since the inception of recycling programs, glass has been one of the materials that has been collected and processed for recycling. Historically, glass had been separated from the other recyclable products and then transported by SWA staff to a glass recycler.

Glass can be recycled many times over. Due to the large volume glass products occupy, transport costs are often high. This impediment to glass recycling can now be overcome by this on-site glass crushing technology which reduces the glass volume by 80%, thus reducing transport costs and saving valuable landfill space.

Glass Crushing Operation

The glass crusher is a fairly simple but highly effective way of turning waste glass into useful products at a reasonable cost. Glass bottles and jars are fed into a hopper and travel up a conveyor into a breaking unit. The crusher can be essentially a standard model, with a modification consisting of a wider conveyor system to minimise the risk of blockages.

The broken glass falls into a mesh tumbler which rotates on an angle. The glass drops through to a pulverising unit, while a the vast majority of on of bottle tops, jar lids and paper labels are retained in the tumbler and gravity fed into a waste bin. The pulverising unit reduces the glass to a fine particles, some of which is a sand like powder, with up to two thirds being tiny smooth glass fragments less than 2.5 mm in size.

Used Glass Crushing Machine

When designing glass crushing systems, some situations should be evaluated carefully in terms of potential supplies, demands, quality, and markets. The basic glass crushing process requires only a vibrating feeder and a crusher. Zenith developed complete range of glass crushers, because of their durability, safety and ease of maintenance, it is widely applied in world glass recycling applications.