Grinding Mills for Cement

Grinding Mills for Cement

Zenith grinding mills for cement and granulated blast furnace slag is designed for grinding of clinker, gypsum and dry or moist additives to any sort of cement. The mill might operate in either open or closed circuit and with or without a pregrinder to achieve maximum general grinding efficiency and high flexibility when it comes to item high quality. The mill has big through-flow places, which enables it to operate with massive volumes of venting air as well as a low pressure drop across the mill. Therefore the power consumption in the mill ventilation fan is low.

Cement grinding mill

In two-compartment cement mills, the first, coarse grinding compartment is offered with a step lining that is suitable for significant grinding media and ensures optimum lifting of the mill charge. The shell lining within the second compartment or inside a one-compartment cement mill is usually a corrugated lining designed to obtain maximum power absorption and grinding efficiency. For specific applications a classifying shell lining may possibly be supplied for fine grinding inside the mill.

The ball charge mill for cement and granulated blast furnace slag consists of grinding media in many sizes to make sure optimum grinding efficiency and uncomplicated upkeep. The size distribution with the grinding media in the coarse grinding compartment is created to just crush the coarsest particles within the mill feed material and to make sure sufficient fineness of the material passing the diaphragm. For fine grinding, the charge consists of compact balls, which ensures the perfect possible grinding efficiency without obstructing the material flow by way of the ball charge.


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