Gold Sand Panning Machine Zimbabwe

Gold Sand Panning Machine Zimbabwe

The simplest technique to extract gold from placer ore is panning. In panning, some mined ore is placed in a large metal or plastic pan, combined with a generous amount of water, and agitated so that the gold particles, being of higher density than the other material, settle to the bottom of the pan.

Gold Sand Panning Operation

A gold pan concentrates heavy minerals at the bottom while lighter materials are removed at the top. The basic operation of a pan is simple, but experience and skill are needed to process large amounts of material and achieve maximum recovery.

For maximum recovery, the material to be panned should be as uniform in size as possible. Panning is best done in a tub or pool of still, clear water. First, fill the pan one-half to threefourths full of ore or concentrate. Add water to the pan or carefully hold the pan under water and mix and knead the material by hand, carefully breaking up lumps of clay and washing any rocks present.

Gold Sand Panning Machine

The lighter gangue material such as sand, mud and gravel are then washed over the side of the pan, leaving the gold behind. Once a placer deposit is located by gold panning, the miner usually shifts to equipment that can treat volumes of sand and gravel more quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Gold Procesing Equipment

Small scale mobile gold processing equipment is greatly welcomed by small scale gold processing activities in developed coutries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, India, Guinea, Nigeria etc.

Portable, self-contained processing equipment perform all the steps of gold concentration: washing, screening, and separation of gold. Additionally, they are easily moved and many have self-contained water tanks for use in dry areas. Designed for testing or small scale production, these machines are capable of processing 2 to 8 cubic yards of material an hour, depending on the unit, usually with fairly high recovery.

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