Diatomite Beneficiation Plant Supplier

Diatomite Beneficiation Plant Supplier

Diatomite beneficiation operations include crushing, grinding, washing, filtration, sorting, sizing, drying, pelletizing, or roasting in preparation for leaching, gravity concentration, magnetic separation, electrostatic separation, flotation, amalgamation etc.

Diatomite Beneficiation Operation

Chemically, diatomite is essentially amorphous hydrated or opaline silica with varying amounts of impurities such as clay minerals, organic matter, silica sand and metal salts. The processing of uncalcined or natural-grade diatomite consists of crushing and drying.

Crude diatomite commonly contains as much as 40 percent moisture, in many cases over 60 percent. Primary crushing to aggregate size (normally done by a hammer mill) is followed by simultaneous milling drying, in which suspended particles of diatomite are carried in a stream of hot gases. Flash and rotary dryers are used to dry the material to a powder of approximately 15 percent moisture. Typical flash dryer operating temperatures range from 70бу to 430буC.

Diatomite Calcination Rotary Kiln Plant

The calcination was conducted in a 0.9 m long x 0.26 m diameter rotary kiln. The diatomite was fed to the kiln with a screw feeder. The kiln was heated by electrical resistance, created by shells distributed around the calcination chamber.

To perform calcination with flux addition, the diatomite and Na2CO3 were first blended in a V-homogenizer for 0.17 hours. After calcination, the product was sieved to remove slag and other coarse particles. After calcination in the rotary kiln pilot plant, the product was sieved to remove slag and coarse particles.

Diatomite Beneficiation Plant

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