Antimony Mining Equipment Zimbabwe

Antimony Mining Equipment Zimbabwe

As a global supplier and mnaufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipment. Zenith has been installed thousands of mining machinery all over the world especially Zimbabwe. The large-scale project in Zimbabwe clearly shows that, in the field of surface mining, Zenith offers its customers not only powerful machines for the mining of high-quality products but also a comprehensive solution concept for large mining projects.

Mining Industry in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s mining industry is focussed on a diverse range of small to medium mining operations. The most important minerals produced by Zimbabwe include gold, antimony, asbestos, chromite, coal and base metals. The mining industry contributes approximately 8% towards the country’s GDP.

Due to the general small scale nature of mining activities in Zimbabwe, there are an estimated 100 – 300 000 informal miners active throughout Zimbabwe. The lower commodity prices have had a worse affect on these small operations and as a result several operations have closed down.

Antimony Mining Operation

The typically small bodies in mines from which antimony is produced as a principal product do not lend themselves to exploitation on a large scale. When possible, they are mined by open pit methods. Underground antimony mines typically are small, the body being accessed by a short adit or shaft, and are developed by drifting along the vein and stoping by simple overhand methods. Mines in which antimony is produced as a byproduct use the large-scale methods common to base- and precious-metal mines.

Antimony Mining Equipment

Zenith always provide the high-performance mining machine impresses not only with tremendous productivity and precise control but also with intelligent design in terms of ergonomics and maintenance safety. Our antimony mining machinery in Zimbabwe mainly including quarry machine, extraction plant, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, mobile crushing plant, grinding mill, conveying system, separation machine, processing plant etc. Please chat online for free information.