K Portable Crushing Plant

K Series Portable Crushing Plant

Zenith K series portable crushing plant is in the independent research and development for many years rubber-tyred mobile station based on experience, combining with the user requirements of the latest development of new equipment.Its application in structure design, equipment configuration and combination is optimized and the innovation, combination is more flexible, greatly broaden the application field of wheeled mobile crushing station, close to truly achieve material processing.It is widely used in quarry, coal industry, the application of field, concrete and garbage recycling, the processing of construction waste without coarse broken small particle size, material of the original ore layers with plastic, fine crushing or collected after sand or sand finished product need to processing, often mobile work environment.

Working Principle of K Series Portable Crushing Plant

K series portable crushing plant by the host chassis assembly, vehicle components, auto parts and auxiliary equipment, power system and electric control system of hydraulic component.While moving through the trailer to provide traction drive frame, rely on the frame's own tire walking auxiliary.When installation, rely on an external power, by the movements of the electric control system of hydraulic control hydraulic cylinder, to complete the equipment installation;Work, rely on the external electric main and auxiliary equipment, motor driven equipment work, the material from the bunker or belt conveyor into the host broken or after screening, through the belt conveyor.

K Series Portable Crushing Plant Features

  1. The most comprehensive mobile product mix: K series tires mobile crushing plant contains seven modules of a total of more than 70 models, the model can be either a single independent operation, can also be multiple devices combined operations, for a variety of user requirements, to provide users with customized mobile crushing.
  2. The most advanced modular design, equipment adopts the modular design concept, a frame model a variety of gm, the interchange between different host unit to achieve the same models.Users only need to replace the host equipment, can meet the demand of different field, and then bring more value to the user.
  3. The most flexible mobile configuration scheme: K series tires mobile station can separate operation in a broken, can also be other crushing screening mobile station equipment joint implementation, two, three, or four sections meet the demand of various crushing screening.
  4. The most humanized structure design: K series tires mobile station through hydraulic system control equipment installation lifting erect, transport contract fold, the operation is simple and convenient.Equipped with lifting facility maintenance, operating platform, repair kit and centralized control system, such as maintenance use humanization.At the same time increase water-jet dust suppression device, in addition to iron device such as a variety of optional solution, can meet the requirements of the user a variety of using environment.