Mobile Impact Crusher

Mobile Impact Crusher

This series of mobile crushing plant incorporates all the equipments together on one truck, which has high chassis, narrowerbody compared with other trucks, this ensure the crushing plant beeasily transported on highways and moved to crushing sites, so it is able to achieve on-site crushing without material transporting from oneplace to another place. In addition, the lengthened plant is able totransport the final products to the motor-lorry directly. The mobile crusher can startto work soon even in the bumpy ground without reinstallation, so itsaves more time and money than fixed crushing plant which needs to install individual equipment one by one.

Working Principle of mobile Impact crusher plant

Mobile impact crusher plant is a latest rock crushing equipment crushing, mainly used in the fields of metallurgy, chemistry, construction materials, hydroelectric power and so on to process materials that have to be moved, especially materials with high liquidity, such as high way, railway, hydroelectric subjects. Users can apply various allocations according to different materials of different type, scale and requirement of readymade materials. The mobile jaw crushing plant will greatly expand the working scope of coarse crushing.

Mobile Impact Crusher Features

  1. High performance jaw crusher,impact crusher and cone crusher
  2. Feeder,belt conveyor and vibrating screen are all in one
  3. Turn axle of traction is convenient for road transit and deeping into the working place
  4. Vehical installation supporting is easier for equipment to station in the working place
  5. Vehical electric generating set,motors and control box are all included