LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill is my company combined with grinding machine production experience for many years, on the basis of common vertical mill, roller technology using the latest Taiwan and Germany choose powder technology, independent design and development of new type of superfine grinding equipment.Superfine grinding, classification, transmission in the integration of ultrafine vertical mill, has become the first choice of superfine powder industry.Vertical Roller Mill is widely used in cement, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral industries such as all kinds of solid materials grinding and super finely grinding process.

Vertical Roller Mill Features

  1. Product quality: the vertical abrasive grinding principle, the material stay in the grinding time is short, reduce duplication of grinding, so products in iron content rarely, whiteness and purity of product is high.Finished product granularity is smaller than 2 microns powder content is 70%, achieved 325 mesh low residual, and can increase the second choose powder, choose a finer particle size of finished products.
  2. High grinding efficiency, host speed adopts frequency control of motor speed, widely applicable to a variety of materials.The special design of roller shell and lining board curve, easier than ordinary vertical mill to form material layer, can be a grinding fineness to the required products.USES mechanical and electrical double limit protection device, effectively prevent and direct contact with the mill lining board of the roll ring, avoid the destructive impact and violent vibration.
  3. High level of environmental protection, small vibration, low noise.Whole sealing equipment, and work under negative pressure, no dust spillover, clean environment, environmental requirements higher than the national standard.
  4. Good of economic benefit: the principle of multiple classifier, and each rotor adopts frequency control of motor speed, the grinding fineness of finished product in the selected scope can be implemented, but no secondary sorting, without the presence of low grade material.Ultra-fine powder grinding and bulls selected principle, in the production of products of the same fineness grade, compared with other mill, energy saving 30% ~ 50%, and good economic benefit.
  5. Low costs: equipped with automatic control system, which can realize remote control, easy operation.PLC/DCS automatic control roller pressure control mode, precision grinding pressure control, without manual operation.Roller in the work do not contact with mill, and the roller and plate made of high-quality materials, less wear, long service life.Roller can turn out to the outside of the casing repair, convenient and quick replacement of roller cover, liner, reduce outage losses.Roller lubrication with lubrication station alone, and a single roller loop adopts double pump, pump suction work mode at the same time, both make full lubrication and cooling of the roller bearing, and can avoid indoor roller bearing oil leak too much.

The process flow of Vertical Roller Mill

LUM series vertical roller mill according to the humidifier and the location of the dust collector, there are two different layout, namely three fan and double fan system.Product mobile phones by adopting cyclone dust collector, this arrangement can reduce the system's working pressure and the amount of gas through the dust collector.In order to improve the final quality index, material available electric dust collector can also use the bag dust collector in final and dust removal equipment.Of mill discharge gas directly into the dust collector, the dust collecting device can greatly simplify process flour production line equipment, improve production efficiency.

How to solve the vertical mill roller body wear problem?

Vertical mill roller belongs to everyone know the mill parts, vertical slow roll body and wear-resisting lining in use process, due to the roll grinding pressure, material force, material and friction between the roller plate.Roller wear roller shear force, the roller mill hydraulic system pressure synthesis influence, will appear different degree of lining board, reducer damage and other problems.If there is a similar equipment wear and tear problems, later maintenance cost is higher.Therefore, we suggest that we should pay more attention to vertical grinding machine, the choice of roller materials, mechanical properties and wear resistant material plasticity is higher, can prolong the service life of parts at the same time improve the efficiency of production, also can greatly reduce the possibility of a mill downtime maintenance, realizing enterprise continuous security flour production process.