BWZ Heavy Duty Apron Feeder

BWZ Series Heavy Duty Apron Feeder

BWZ series heavy duty apron feeder has many advantages, such as high tension and excellent adaptability. The track ensures its stable performance to some degree. The temperature, moisture and the environment have little or no effect on the feeder. It has some common features as well, such as easy to operate, long service life and easy to maintain and so on.It is widely used in metal-mining, construction, cement industry and coal industry and so on. For its corrosion resistance and crushing resistance, most of materials can be transported by this machine.

  1. Use alloying-steel plate, the machine has long service life and requires no maintenance.
  2. It has high tension and it is have very stable performance by using track.
  3. For its simple structure, it is easy to maintain.
  4. BWZ series heavy duty apron feeder has wide application and the temperature, moisture and the environment have little or no effect on it.

The advantages of BWZ series heavy duty apron feeder

Duty apron feeder, mining, metallurgy, building material, port, coal and chemical widely used in industrial and mining enterprises of a continuous transport machinery.As the main storage bin or hopper to the crusher, ingredients or transport equipment continuous supply and transport all kinds of large weight evenly and abradability of material.Is ore and raw materials processing and one of the important and indispensable equipment in the process of continuous production.

The working principle of BWZ series heavy duty apron feeder

The pitch is 228.6 mm (9 inches) high strength of bulldozer die forging chain for traction, two chain around installed in the head of a driven sprocket and body got behind a pair of tension wheel at the end of the closed loop, in every link of the two rows of chain on assembling the overlap each other, the transport of heavy structure slot as a continuous to carry material conveying line.Its weight and material by the weight of the roller was installed on the body more than row, chain wheel and track beam supporting.Connection speed reducer motor drive system by ac frequency conversion speed, then driven by up set and drive straight league carrying institutions running at low speed.Tail silo discharging into the material along the transmission line to the front of the body, the work to the bottom of the mechanical continuous evenly feed.