PFW Series Impact Crusher

PFW Impact Crusher

PFW Series Impact Crusher is a kind of high efficiency crushing equipment.It USES the rapid rotation of the rotor plate hammer, produce high speed impact crushing of materials in the crushing cavity, and casting grinding material along the tangent direction of the impact plate at the other end of the crushing cavity.Crushed material again, and then return to the board hammer, after repeated the process.Sent material collision between plate hammer impact plate.The material be cracks, loose, then knock crushing plate hammer, impact and impact plate and material between the knock against.Material grain size is smaller than the impact of the gap between plate and plate hammer out. The structure and properties of good

  1. Adopt world-class manufacturing technology, choose the top production materials.
  2. CHua rotor design and strict testing means, to ensure high quality rotor.
  3. The integral cast steel bearing structure.
  4. Unique plate hammer fixtures, makes the reliability of the plate hammer is higher.
  5. Improve the adjustment device, reduce downtime and maintenance.
  6. Take the open top of device, can quickly replace hammer finish top of parts.
  7. Choose bearing specifications larger, higher bearing capacity.
  8. To analyze the rotor to ensure stable and reliable.

The working principle of PFW Series Impact Crusher

When the material into the plate hammer function area, affected by the high speed impact of plate hammer broken, and thrown to the installation of the counter device on the top of the rotor broken again, and then bounced from the back plate to plate hammer function area broken again.This process is repeated until the material being broken to the required size, lower discharge by machines.Adjust the clearance between the counter and rotor aircraft can achieve the goal of material particle size and material to change shape.The machine be used after counterattack plate spring safety device, when the gouge into the crushing cavity, fight back, before and after the broken escape from the machine.