PF Impact Crusher

PF  Impact Crusher

PF Impact Crusher can deal with side length less than 500 mm, less than 350 mpa compressive strength of all kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), widely used in all kinds of ore crushing, railway, highway and the production of artificial application of construction industry.The counterattack crusher series is my company in absorbing advanced technology both at home and abroad, combined with domestic gravel industry specific industrial and mining condition and the latest generation of counterattack crusher.

  1. The feeding port, high crushing cavity, to adapt to the material hardness, large blocks, less product powder.
  2. The back plate and plate hammer gap can convenient adjustment, effective control of discharging granularity, grain shape good.
  3. Compact structure, strong rigidity, rotor machine with large inertia.
  4. High chromium plate hammer, impact resistance, wear resistance, impact large.
  5. Keyless connection, maintenance is convenient, economic and reliable.
  6. Crushing function, high productivity, all parts, low abrasion, high comprehensive benefit.

How to operate PF impact crusher?

  1. Attention to observation the rotor of the main bearing temperature rise, under normal circumstances is about 60 ℃, the highest must not exceed 75 ℃.If more than the highest temperature regulation, should immediately stop check, and take effective measures to solve.
  2. Operate the counterattack crusher dust is bigger, except the crusher parts with good sealing, the workshop should also set the ventilation and dust collecting device.
  3. It is strictly prohibited to open the inspection door to check inside the machine, it is forbidden to make any adjustment, cleaning maintenance work and so on, so as to avoid danger.
  4. The runtime shall, in accordance with requirements of the inspection to counterattack broken vibration, temperature and noise, and so on and so forth to do routine check.
  5. The clearance between the plate hammer and counterattack plate should be according to the work to be gradually adjusted to the small, the state machine application manually after the suggestion to adjust rotating rotor, check whether the impact, after the adjustment, lock the sleeve nut.