HST Series Cone Crusher

HST Cone Crusher

HST Cone Crusher is our company introduction of foreign advanced technology, according to the domestic market demand, by my company trying to develop a number of experts and engineers over the years..The series hydraulic cone broken set of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation, intelligent control into an organic whole, representing the world's most advanced crushing technology.Can be widely used in crusher, finely, super finely crushing like homework.

  1. High efficiency: the hydraulic cone crusher spindle are supported on both ends of the up and down, can bear greater crushing force and larger stroke, and corresponds to the principle of laminated special crushing cavity shape, make the machine has higher crushing efficiency.
  2. Production capacity: the hydraulic cone crusher to break broken stroke, speed, and crushing cavity shape the perfect combination of design, make the machine moving cone big end diameter equal, is higher than the production of the old spring cone break 35% ~ 60%.
  3. High quality stones: the hydraulic cone crusher adopts the characteristic of the crushing cavity shape as well as the principle of laminating crushing, crushing effect between particles, so that the finished product in the cube significantly higher, the proportion of needle flake stone, graded more uniform.
  4. A variety of cavity shape of fine crushing, only changing the cone can be implemented.
  5. The double insurance control of hydraulic and lubrication system, to ensure the machine overload protection and good bearing lubrication.
  6. Maintenance: cone crusher is simple and compact structure, stable performance and hard to fault.Fast and convenient maintenance.