ZGT Magnetic Separator

ZGT Series High Gradient Magnetic Separator

This type of equipment is mainly used to select wet weak magnetic field and remove the strongly magnetic minerals of fine grains. They are widely used in mineral processing industry, coal washing industry, chemical industry, etc, e.g. recycle heavy formulas such as magnetic heavy media during heavy media separation, concentrate low-concentration slurry in iron ore and gather magnetic steel minerals, treat ore feeding from high-intensity magnetic separators, remove magnetic or weakly magnetic ores and coenobium, as well as prevent blockage of magnetic media.

  1. The magnetic field is of high strength and density by using poly-torus magnetic technique and decentralized overlay technique to make the magnetic field strength more powerful which could reach 15000Gs.
  2. The magnetic field is more stable by adopting high-quality magnetic material and advanced techniques to ensure the separation effect.
  3. The frequency conversion controlling techniques ensure the separator could be applied to different type of mineral and achieve the ideal control of capacity.
  4. Magnetic roller separator could be designed as unsynchronized rolling, synchronized rolling, single roller, multiple rollers according to different character of mineral.
  5. The ring is rotated vertically and concentrates are washed reversely, so magnetic medium will not be blocked easily.
  6. Slurry pulsating devices keep ore particles loose all the time, thus improving quality of magnetic concentrates.
  7. Their separation size range is large and the max separation size is2.0mm. Therefore, it simplifies classification work at working sites.
  8. High beneficiation ratio and high recovery rate; Simple operation and easy maintenance with good adaptability.