ZDU Belt Vacuum Filter

ZDU Series Belt Vacuum Filter

ZDU belt vacuum filter is equipment using vacuum negative pressure as impetus to separate the solid and liquid. The filter district is arranged levelly to sequentially finish the procedure of filter, rinse, dry and regeneration of the filter cloth with high efficiency, high output, good rinsing effect, low moisture, agile operation and low repair cost. It can be used to separate solid and liquid in the fields of metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, papermaking, food, pharmacy and environmental protection, especially for dehydration of gypsum in the process of smoke desulfurization.

  1. Circular rubber belt has excellent flexibility and long service life.
  2. There is a circular friction belt between vacum chamber and rubber belt that is sealed,lubricated and cooled with water,maintain stable vacuum and reduce the rubber belt friction resistance.
  3. Rubber belt adopts seal support roller or water film supporing.The rubber belt reduce moving resistance and good for prolong the service life of rubber belt.
  4. It has the high level and the low level two kinds of vacuum discharging liquids to satisfy different conditions requirement.
  5. It is flexible to assemble equipment because of the modular structure and convenient for the transportation and installation.
  6. Rubber belt is supported by air cushion or water to reduce the resistance and is good to prolong service life of the rubber belt.
  7. The whole structure adopts module design which can be consolidated freely, convenient for transportation and installation.
  8. Vacuum balance automatic discharging tank or steam-liquid separator is set to carry out zero potential difference automatic discharging or high potential difference discharging to satisfy requirements from different working states.
  9. Air chamber type automatic deviation correction device is set to assure stable running of the filter cloth.