XCF/KYF Flotation Machine

XCF/KYF Series Flotation Machine

Flotation machine is effectively applied to involving the separation of colored black metal and non-metallic.This type of flotation machine is formed by U trough solid, hollow shaft inflation, wuspension rotor and new type impeller. The cone impeller lean backwards, the blending quantity is big and the pressure head is small, the advantages are: simple structrue and low energy consumption. Inside the impeller, there is air distributor, which distributes air into most parts of impeller evenly.

  1. Excellent air-absorption capacity.
  2. Low energy consumption.
  3. Optimized design, the mineral slurry loops reasonably in cells without auxiliary equipment.
  4. Self-control functions.
  5. Special designed impeller which can produce upper ans lower circulation of mineral slurry respectively.
  6. It has a smaller diameter of impeller and lower power consumption which saves 30%-50% of power.
  7. An air distributor is equipped in the tank, air is evenly dispersed.
  8. The impeller works as a centrifugal pump, so as to make the solid particles suspending.
  9. The tank is made as U type, reducing sand settlement to the least.
  10. Due to reasonable design of the impeller structure and the impeller space, impeller wearing is even, reagents consumption is less and save the running cost.
  11. Can run with load, the structure is simple and have easily maintenance. 7.With slurry level control system and make it operated easily.