SJ Double-impeller Tank

SJ Series Double-impeller Leaching Tank

Double-impeller leaching tank features of reasonable and compact structure, high transmission efficiency. It adopts two new type bigger impellers, low rotational speed, less power consumption; inside hollow shaft can suck the air into the tank,and improve the leaching environment. It is widely used in gold and silver ore dressing plant for cyaniding treatment, CIP process, andcarbon-in-leach work.t is also used in metallurgy, chemical industry and light industry. In carbon slurry process and cyanide process, the leaching tank should be used together with carbon screen, carbon pulp and other auxiliary equipment.

  1. Reasonable structure and high transmission efficiency.
  2. Large diameter impeller and low rotate speed lead to the low power and carbon consumption.
  3. Air spread evenly; bubble size is small.
  4. Impeller is lined with rubber; cycle speed is low; long service life.
  5. Stirring intensity is proper, pulp density and fineness distribution are almost the same. Increase the cyanide leaching efficiency and carbon adsorption rate.