JT Sawtooth Wave Jigger

FL Spiral Classifier

The sawtooth wave jigger belongs to gravity-based equipments, which can separate mineral based on differing of specific gravity. Saw-tooth wave jig mainly consists of three parts: main frame, driving set and jigging chamber.It is one of the relative new methods for gravity concentration. As a rougher or cleaner device, it is widely applied on the separation of gold, tin, tungsten, titanium, hematite, coal and other minerals due to its high processing capacity, large range of separation size and simplicity of operation and maintenance.

  1. High capacity.
  2. High concentration ratio and high recovery.
  3. Fabricated with highest quality material.
  4. Easy to install, operate and maintain.
  5. The pulsation curve is saw-tooth wave shape facilitate heavy mineral to settling.
  6. Saving water 30-40% than ordinary jig.
  7. The pulsation speed very easy adjusted by regulator.
  8. Suitable for roughing and desliming.
  9. Can achieve a good result .