Desorption Electrolysis Unit

Desorption and Electrolysis Unit

Zenith desorption electrolysis unit is a new style high efficiency product integrated with new technique and technology that is used to process gold carrier carbon in gold production. The desorption process has advanced technology, reasonable design and good technical indexes. The device has high degree of automation, good quality equipment, simple operation, stable and reliable, safe operation of special equipment. Is the ideal desorption electrolysis equipment of gold loaded carbon.

  1. The ore is first reduced in size (typically 80% passing 200mesh ) to ensure that all nonrefractory gold is readily accessible for cyanide leaching, There are several variations of comminution circuits used in the gold industry.
  2. After comminution the pump is normally dilute and thickening. High efficient thickener is performed to increase the pulp density to about 50% solids by mass.
  3. Leaching reagents in the form of cyanide and and oxidant such as air or oxygen are added after thickening. Leaching take place in a series of agitated leaching reactors.
  4. After leaching, the pulp is passed over a feed screen to ensure removal of tramp materials about 0.6mm. This is done to minimize screen blocking in the adsorption section. After feed pre-screening, the pulp flows trough a cascade of well mixed adsorption tanks, typically 6-8 in number. The pulp residence time is about one hour in each tank. The tanks are normally mechanically agitated and each will contain a batch of carbon of concentration 10-25grams of carbon per litr of pulp. The carbon size is 0.6-0.8mm. The gold recovery is 90-99%.