CTL Dry Magnetic Separator

FL Spiral Classifier

CTL series dry magnetic separator is a developed new separating way for dry powder magnetic minerials, such as iron ore,iron sand .This kind of magnetic separator is characterized by a multiple magnetic field and high separation frequency. It is very suitable for the districts that are short of water and electricity,because it is dry magnetic separator and can be drived by diesel engine.These heavy duty dry drum separators are powered by permanent magnets either ceramic or rare earth magnets.

CTL Series Dry Magnetic Separator Features

  1. CTL Series Dry Magnetic Separators are efficient, reliable and easy for maintenance.
  2. They are particularly suitable for primarily separating low-grade ores, improve raw ore grade for feeding mills and lower magnetic separating costs.
  3. The magnet system of CTL Series Dry Magnetic Separators is made from rare-earth permanent magnetic material--NdFeB. Their magnetic field intensities can be chosen based on different requirements.

Working principle of CTL Series Dry Magnetic Separator

The material to be separated is fed at the top of the rotating drum surface, the non-magnetic fraction leaves the drum, while the magnetic fraction is retained by the magnetic force at the drum surface until carried outside the effective magnetic field. By selecting of the proper separator configuration and operating conditions, various products can be obtained which may be acceptable as final tailings, as final concentrate or as middlings requiring grinding and separation. CTL series permanent dry magnetic drum separator allow a better control over the grade of the products as compared with wet separators.