Overview of the Maintenance of Sand Maker Machine

Sand production line is a common occurrence in the sand industry. Whether it is rural or urban, the construction and maintenance of various public and private buildings are inseparable from sand aggregates, which means that the sand production line has strict requirements. Our company's sand making plant is at the core of the sand making line and plays the role of converting raw ore of different grain sizes into qualified sand aggregates. Choosing high-quality, suitable sand-making machinery is of great benefit to this qualitative change process.

Sand making machine, also known as vertical shaft impact crusher, is a new product developed by the mining equipment industry to introduce the famous impact stone principle, combined with the use of domestic and foreign customers, especially suitable for mining machinery industry. Medium and fine crushed raw materials required for construction sand and road paving sand. If you are looking for alternatives to rock cone crushers, roller crushers and ball mills, the Sand Mill is your best choice. The device is small in size, simple in operation, convenient in installation and maintenance, lowest in energy consumption, and outstanding in output.

Sand making machines are very important. How should customers maintain them during use?

  • 1. Sand making equipment is a high-speed equipment, so special attention must be paid to safe production during the operation of the sand making line. Relevant personnel should be away from the equipment. Inspection and repair of any equipment should be carried out after stopping.
  • 2. The sand making machine should use automotive grease or 3 lithium grease. After working for 400 hours, add the appropriate amount of grease. After 2000 hours of operation, open the spindle to clean the bearings. In general, after 7200 hours of work, replace the new bearing. The upper bearing of the spindle assembly is the movable end and the lower bearing is the fixed end. After assembly, the pulley is pulled by hand and can be operated flexibly.
  • 3. The tension of the driving V-belt should be properly adjusted to ensure uniform stress on the conveyor belt. When there is a dual motor drive, the belts on both sides should be grouped and selected to make the length the same. In addition, it is necessary to adjust the current difference between the two motors, which cannot exceed 15A.
  • 4. Regularly stop, open the observation door, check the wear of the crusher, including the center feeding tube, the cone cap, the upper and lower tube liner of the impeller, the surrounding bottom plate and the wear block. Replace or repair worn parts in time after wear. During the working process of the crusher equipment, it is forbidden to open the observation door to check the internal working state to avoid accidents. If the impeller wears out, replace it in time, or ask the manufacturer to repair it.