Hematite Iron Ore Processing Plant

Iron ore includes several types of iron-rich rocks and minerals, which are mined and purified to make pig iron, a ferrous product, instrumental in the manufacture of steel. Prospectors and mining companies concentrate on iron ore deposits, where hematite (Fe2O3) or magnetite (Fe3O4) are in abundant supply. Hematite is found in various places around the world including England, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, the United States and Canada. Zenith provides high performance hematite iron ore beneficiation equipment all over the world.

Hematite Iron Ore Processing

Currently beneficiation of hematite iron ores is conducted using either direct flotation(hematite flotation) or indirect flotation (quartz flotation) techniques depending upon the nature of the available ore bodies. In direct flotation, iron bearing mineral, mostly hematite, is floated using oleate as collector leaving siliceous gangue, usually quartz, in the tailings.

Magnetic separation and processing operations can also be categorized as either low or high intensity. Low intensity separators use magnetic fields between 1,000 and 3,000 gauss. High intensity separators employ fields as strong as 20,000 gauss. This method is used to separate weakly magnetic iron minerals, such as hematite, from nonmagnetic or less magnetic gangue material.

Hematite Iron Ore Processing Equipment

Hematite often contains significant amounts of silica, phosphorus, sulfur, alumina and manganese oxides. The content of impurities in hematite deposits can significantly increase the cost of iron extraction and Processing.

After extraction, the hematite ore must undergo beneficiation operation to refine the concentrates. Hematite iron ore beneficiation involves several different techniques such as crushing, grinding, screening, separation etc.

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