Equipment for Iron Ore Separation from Fly Ash

Fly Ash Gravity Separation Method

Different methods were tested for recovering fly ash by-products by various separation techniques. The gravity methods were particularly tried owing to large density differences among the fly ash particles.

There are sufficient density differences between unburned carbon and pozzolan. Therefore gravity separation methods will be essential for separating unburned carbon from pozzolan. Fly ash smaple of lignitic origin is found to contain magnetic particles mostly those of hemtite. For this reason, magnetic separation was carried out to recover the magnetic particles from fly ash.

Fly Ash Magnetic Separation

Fly ash from coal power plants has 18% iron oxides. Magnetic filtration is capable of saving 15% of fly as and recycling it. Estimates show that this can replace some of the magnetite used in industry.

Treatment of ores with magnetic separation carried out mostly for two purposes: enrichment of iron ores or cleaning non-iron ores from iron species. The very similar density of transition metal minerals makes it challenging to use conventional methods of separation. The magnetic nature of iron species, therefore, plays a crucial role in the beneficiation of the ores.

Equipment for Iron Ore Separation from Fly Ash

Zenith focuses on applying the separation technology to processing fly ash that could be used in high value commercial applications rather than being placed in landfills. In fly ash recycling operation, many types of equipment will be involved including fly ash milling machine, fly ash processing equipment, beneficiation plant, fly ash drying plant by cyclone, rotary dryer, air classification machine etc.

We provide complete series of equipment for iron ore separation from fly ash. If you are interested, please contact us. Our expert will design best recycling solution according to your needs. Please contact us for detailed information.