Copper Gold Ore Processing

The copper gold ore processing plant business refines copper and gold ore from metal ores or scrap copper. The major consumers of copper gold ores are wire mills and brass mills, which use the copper to generate copper wire, and so forth. Finish makes use of of copper incorporate construction materials, electronic goods, and transportation equipment. Zenith, the qualified mining machine manufacturer around the planet, will deliver customers the advanced copper gold ore processing machine for sale.

Copper-gold processing plant

When the content of your soluble copper gold ore within the ore stone is low, the cyanide consumption might be elevated if the financial situation can afford to. The operation need to be done inside the low temperature and the low cyanogen top quality score simply because the dissolution rate of copper will notably raise with temperature along with the mass fraction of cyanide rising. In production , in an effort to manage the dissolution rate of copper, subsection dosing and sub-slot dosing are adopted to keep a suitable mass fraction of cyanide in each slot. The gold recovery must be assured and simultaneously, the cyanide consumption really should be lowered as low as you possibly can.When the copper content material within the ore is greater(like over 0.3%) plus the cyanide consumption is so high that the economic cost is just not worthwhile, the flotation may be adopted in the present. some qualified copper concentrates are selected then tailings are cyaniding to have the gold.

In order to produce total use of mineral resource, diverse leaching techniques is usually employed with each other when extensive recovery is essential. For instance, the dilute sulphuric acid is applied for copper leaching firstly and iron replacement process is made use of to get the copper sponge from the copper sulfate remedy . The copper leaching residue whose copper content is reduced is going to be cyaniding and the gold will likely be collected. This approach also is often applied for processing the fine energy that consists of copper and gold. In line with the user's specific demands, Zenith provides the project style, process design and purchase program design.


Zenith occupies the advanced production technologies to develop the mining and construction machine. Depending on over 30 years' practical experience, we have manufactured all sorts of mining machines to meet clients' demands of copper gold ore processing. Our principle is to present prospects high quality equipment and low copper gold ore beneficiation plant cost. If you need additional in depth information ,you'll be able to get in touch with us.